The Three Headed Monster

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9:36 PM August 28, 2018 Springslocs708 via Android App:

6:26 PM May 21, 2011 gaddisiah said:

not a g unit fan but i do like to see 50 o point. he is hit or miss with me
9:28 PM August 11, 2010 mfears said:

em's a hard *** mother ****er
2:01 PM January 4, 2010 ladymula said:

em's relapse freestyle is aaaaaaaaaa-mazing(: he is incredibly talented.
8:53 PM March 8, 2009 slimshadyank03 said:

jimmy hoffa FTW!
8:19 PM March 4, 2009 biggtigga0310 said:

tha unit got luv frm tha west go at em fif em dre
11:53 PM February 9, 2009 yungspitta said:

50 called wayne on officer ricky and he still aint said **** and rick ross is ****n losin da beef face it whether u like 50 or not even The Game his arch nemesis said it GUNIT ALL DAY
6:20 PM February 9, 2009 Wayne93 said:

wayne might rip 50 but 50 would beat dat nigga *** in a fight doe real talk wayne cant fight dat nigga 2 lilttle he need 2 get his weight up