There Can Only Be One

DJs: Big Mike
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6:34 PM August 17, 2011 zooyork51 said:

50 a **** nigga
7:07 AM September 29, 2009 tdubs313 said:

50cent killin rick ross fat *** Ross not the boss he lost. My nigga 50 got way more money than that nigga and sold way more albums than that nigga.
3:50 PM March 11, 2009 camidget said:

yo 50 shuts ross down i mean ricky start this beef **** over a lil look come on u fat **** grow up u ugly nigga
4:43 PM February 16, 2009 G_Utta said:

I fukks with Ross All Day..That Nigga 50 just tryna beef with alot of niggas b/c GUNIT is over with I mean come on now..Be real for a sec
4:42 PM February 16, 2009 G_Utta said:

1:42 AM February 16, 2009 youngbuck00 said:

ever since i heard rick ross dissing 50 cent on that mafia music track damn i salute you dawg that track is the **** best belive that yall
11:49 AM February 15, 2009 2raw2hard said:

The only good thing bout rick ross music
Is the beats
11:46 AM February 15, 2009 2raw2hard said:

50 gave it to ricky