Welcome To Trilladelphia 3

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8:27 AM February 15, 2009 thecity said:

pittsburgh basically has joe beast, s money, boaz, kev the hustla, hard tymez, young nizzy, juliano, wiz khalifa, and roccman. im from pittsburgh, philly gets respect.
10:25 AM February 12, 2009 kcire said:

wat tha **** type of mixtape is dis wathapped 2 tha philly niggas spittin fire
9:25 AM February 12, 2009 MaineTech said:

i like the name of this cd, free meek mill
9:30 PM February 11, 2009 Mr21 said:

lol who from pitt even rap pghgeneral?
8:15 PM February 11, 2009 pghgeneral said:

These Philly Niggaz Aint hard Lkye a old man witout his viagra PITTSBURGH PA U SMUCC 6 rings pussieZ Yall Niggaz Need 2 clean yall pussieZ LMAO................LMAO................LMAO........
5:36 PM February 11, 2009 Jakedizill said:

haaaa my boy meek milli , bout time i see dis nigga on a mixtape wit da philly boyz
4:03 PM February 11, 2009 blaccsox24 said:

south dont run **** but they mouth an all they **** sound the same. dancin around. wat kinda niggas is yaw. an i aint even from philly but i bet gillie an cass a rip any ah dem niggas
5:21 AM February 11, 2009 ctinaluva said:

why is meek that next wayne cause he look like him whatever nigga 215 south philly in this *****