Charles Hamilton - Well Isn't This Awkward

DJs: DJ Skee
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11:59 AM October 9, 2011 Neveah_U_G_O said:

there's like four songs missing from this mixtape :/ and there my favorite to
3:10 PM December 31, 2010 juswolf22 said:

he was obsessed wit rhianna on this tape wasnt he
10:42 AM December 2, 2010 MasterBake said:

he really is the **** and i think the beats are fire, i cant believe so many niggas call say hes wack
5:00 PM April 16, 2010 MixXtApEGoD said:

lol lyk dah cover datz mii nikka
6:39 PM December 4, 2009 xXCLUsiveE said:

i think this was the best mixtape he ever came out wit
12:27 PM November 9, 2009 TylerHoops said:

this nigga straight but his beats aint that great. get some better beats and i bet he gets them hits for sure.
12:43 PM November 6, 2009 Rolln said:

smh niggas that say he "wack" obviously dropped out of school

charles said it better " do niggas even listen to my lyrics? im nice!!!!!" - charles hamilton
6:23 PM November 3, 2009 Bambamm said:

he gots a birthday cumin im gonna celebrate by listenin 2 all of his mixtapes.