The M.I. Yayo Cash Cartel

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11:11 AM December 29, 2009 htown_13 said:

mayn real fck wit real...them niccas wouldn't **** wit ross if that nicca was fake....lame ***...nicca gotti did sht wit dis nicca...u think gotti fck wit a fake nicca...come on mayn
5:47 PM February 18, 2009 drgotenks said:

everybody on this mixtape is doing their thing. except officer ricky, he too fake to rep m.i.a.
10:33 PM February 16, 2009 acedeuce213 said:

officer rickyyyyyy

6:19 PM February 14, 2009 2raw2hard said:

I won't even matter. 50 did too much damage to ross, talkin to his b.m., showin up rick ross moms job, what else I 50 gon do.
6:19 PM February 14, 2009 tr1fe said:

rickey, you hear a real nigga? then u must be a fake nigga. 50 exposed this nigga for what he really is. he was the law and he denied it cuz he a bird *** nigga.
2:58 PM February 14, 2009 rickeycourt said:

And when i hear rick ross rap i dont hear a fake nigga i hear a real nigga
2:46 PM February 14, 2009 rickeycourt said:

diz rap **** aint real itz a game itz juz real niggaz in it playin da game playin yall lil niggaz
2:38 PM February 14, 2009 rickeycourt said:

dey playin wit yall niggaz itz jus a game itz juz entertainment