Deep In The Heart Of Texas 4

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11:53 PM February 26, 2011 GabyTTG said:

Texas is my next trip!!!
12:52 PM February 17, 2011 kartoon23 said:

Thats right des Texas boy know whats good... I'm in love with state... Texas fuk tha rest
12:29 PM September 15, 2010 texastech52 said:

Obama sucks these rappers are wack an no nothen about politics
11:36 PM July 24, 2009 adenrele1982 said:

DO NOT SLEEP ON TRAE THE TRUTH!!! HIS FLOW IS SOOOOO COOOOLD!! DC Sista Lovin dem Texas Brothas... ESG. Big Pokey. Lil KeKe. Hawk.Z-Ro. DJ Screw. Big Moe.
10:17 AM February 23, 2009 44og said:

dis mixtape gud!! i like tha dallas skyline on tha front, too
10:06 PM February 21, 2009 basedoverlord3K said:

my niggaz g spot holdin it down for the DFW
12:17 AM February 18, 2009 Nesharo said:

Dallas bro tum tum
10:11 AM February 16, 2009 taekillemb said:

aye! shout out TX fo sho, yall nxt doe neighbor state bra, yall got nggas on dat lean fo sho haha