Primeval Love 3

DJs: DJ 2Mello
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10:22 AM June 9, 2018 kiwembe said:

the cover tho **
5:38 PM November 14, 2011 sexyshaki said:

alright! not happy that a major of the songs on the mixtapes were like a min. and a half long, but dentiny's child get a full 4 mins!
2:44 PM May 10, 2011 LadyTweetie16 said:

Ummmmmmmm.... This is wats upppp!!!!!!!!!!
11:10 PM February 21, 2010 Tashone said:

This mix go hard! **** what ya said i'm makin plenty babies off these tracks.
1:30 AM February 25, 2009 supamanbatman said:

i like the way he squezing dat girl butt
5:57 PM February 21, 2009 hoodfella45 said:

these songs are too old and too short
1:50 PM February 21, 2009 billyirvin31989 said:

mane you never hear me fukin to this ****...this shyt is pretty gay n so is the cover
11:59 AM February 20, 2009 Will78 said: