Old School At Noon

DJs: DJ Hitz
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8:59 PM January 8, 2014 NeshaDuhh said:

candy rain never get old mane frfr!
10:16 PM October 23, 2012 cbreezy973 said:

T.O.N.Y my **** right there classic mixtape **** must download
4:42 PM July 27, 2012 mari530 said:

#1 forever Classic #JiggaAllDay
2:57 PM February 29, 2012 D322Y said:

10 isn't hot *** on the platter. It's called Scenario da (remix)!
1:24 AM March 18, 2011 cuzzo314 said:

2pac and biggie are dope i like pac more but im not gonna ***** about it on here this a good *** mixtape love the old school
12:13 PM February 18, 2011 blaccsox24 said:

i like this
12:35 PM May 20, 2010 HazeSHK said:

Nah, your a dumbass people can have a discussion about Biggie and Pac whether or not there dead. The fact is they were both LEGENDS and rapped about different things, they can't be compared...
3:42 AM March 1, 2010 SMLB said:

well obviously you can, ****in idiot.. and @kingofcrunk_10, YungKen they both dead, drop it already.. 12 year olds
that goes for anybody else making idiotic comments.