Rick Ross - Ross Is Back

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2:23 PM May 5, 2013 klepar4eto said:

its awesome
6:19 AM March 17, 2011 webster6 said:

****s weak..its all sound the same just the beat n try to flip it up a bit but it still sounds the same..eminem burn his *** alrdy b4 he even stated mann
12:29 PM April 15, 2009 freshprinceofportcity said:

rick ross the ****
11:36 PM March 27, 2009 kiakay28 said:

1:56 PM March 26, 2009 rlj4life said:

man **** niggaz gotta say bout ross. Dis nigga still da shyt and better den 50 anyday. Can't even understand a ****in thing 50 be saying
1:42 PM March 25, 2009 purp69 said:

Love my handgun. but my choppa still da ****.
5:56 PM March 19, 2009 JBanga01 said:

Rick still goes hrd and **** if he was a CO, and quit naming 50 and that lil beef and enjoy tha music otherwise suck a **** and let yourself be ****ed by a dildo no vaseline
7:24 PM March 10, 2009 juke3405 said:

Even after all yall switchin *** niggaz who used to bump Ross and now hatin the nigga cuz he was a CO....he'll STILL sell a mil....someone bet dat up!

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