Showin My Surround

DJs: DJ Storm
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4:31 PM May 19, 2010 SWAMPBOOT74 said:

i see those are words from people that hate cause they aint got what they got lmfao simple *** nigga's if you dont like it dont listen to it ....
9:59 PM May 24, 2009 RealTacular said:

this **** whack
10:14 AM March 2, 2009 mixed_d_lite said:

man **** jones and chamillionare both bull****. listin to some real ****
6:10 AM February 23, 2009 RICOD said:

Mike Jone Who? Mike Jones Who? Dont you miss that?...LOL!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!706!!!!!!!! ****a HAta Augusta Ga All Day!!!!!!! *****!!!!!!!!
10:53 PM February 22, 2009 Jo123 said:

Texas rappers is also the running it Lil flip and UGK and slim thug and Paul wall and Mike jones and Chamniore
4:47 PM February 22, 2009 TEXASBULLDOGG said:

****in Faggat, Real Niggaz Know Mike Jones Is A "**** Nigga" , Like You.
1:07 PM February 21, 2009 RICOD said:

I Miss Mike Jones!
8:46 PM February 20, 2009 hawkeye10 said:

everybody know pimp had crunk *** rhymes dats why they be usin them for they hooks. RIP CHAD