The Jetsetters Mixtape

DJs: Benzi
Dope Couture Presents
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8:09 PM June 14, 2013 noahw01 said:

Niggas can't ever appreciate good music #jetlife
10:51 PM October 14, 2010 doughboiharrison432 said:

how you gonna call this **** jetsetters without Hot Spitta
10:34 PM August 30, 2010 BigBossStatus27 said:

People are ****in wack taking curren$ys style and bitin it hard..
2:39 PM July 14, 2010 MrTrez said:

damn, no hot spitta, no taylor gang? go play in traffic.
5:35 PM April 5, 2010 210KiDD said:

currensy aint even young money anymore u stupid ****!!
7:16 PM December 1, 2009 paulie420 said:

u think currensy wack u need to kill urself fool n he far from a YM dckrider u dumb fck so do ur homework bfore go talkin sht bout real hip hop, now go listen to oj da gucciryder n get drunk n drive
10:54 PM June 14, 2009 Spiffytheguy said:

Hollywood Holt is the ****
11:36 PM April 3, 2009 l_walk said:

mike posners bomb though