The Future Of R&B 24 (Hosted By Teairra Mari)

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6:41 PM April 2, 2016 KingBuckTown910 said:

Still blasting cry no more in 2016
11:02 AM June 8, 2009 feece said:

lol people this song is o my hiphop single love songzs
11:02 AM June 8, 2009 feece said:

thank you 4 puttin this song on here

10:09 PM April 9, 2009 Beauty3d said:

i love chrisette michelles song epiphany...luv it!!!
11:02 AM March 5, 2009 hustler60 said:

i hated chris brown but after all da ****, i like him haha das wat da ***** gets! mixtapes aight
7:43 PM March 4, 2009 AKA_ELLO said:

that was wack as all hell
8:44 AM March 3, 2009 tropicana08 said:

omg what is music coming to. this is so not what i expected from any of these artists
9:48 PM March 2, 2009 coolron33 said:

No matter what anybody says bout my nigga chris brown He Still a ****in Hit maker ! thats real...and everybody makes mistakes say what u want but nobody is perfect!