Rise To Power

DJs: DJ Plus
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3:47 AM April 13, 2009 Coolcutter2 said:

Max B got Jim Jones ****ed up rite now
9:23 PM March 24, 2009 o0cashflow0o said:

any hot beat maxs on is an ill song dude fire bars
3:45 PM March 23, 2009 DomoSouthSideGoon said:

I DO NOT LIKE 50 CENT *** 4 ****!!!!!!!!!!
HE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!
5:21 PM March 14, 2009 bmchavez12 said:

but saying cam aint got lyrics u smoking crack from a cracker jack box st8 up nigga cam goes in like no other so fux what u herd or what u thinkin cuz dat b a lie
5:19 PM March 14, 2009 bmchavez12 said:

and 2 cam lyrics go in like no other wtf or were u been da past ten years 50 had one album one album dat did anything and he just invested in all dat i give him his props on dat
5:18 PM March 14, 2009 bmchavez12 said:

dungeon08 u a gay *** nigga str8 up no lie do ur research b4 u start talking **** nigga and ya u a **** nigga cuz u be telling lies on da internet cam is with moms she paralized right now aight
12:17 PM March 11, 2009 king98 said:

niggas is crazy! cam got lyrics.and cleveland ohio real as ****! i live in the south but dem ohio niggas get down jus lik us.Gutta
11:56 AM March 9, 2009 jp_dat_dyt_boi said:

niggas talking **** about ohio nigga come out here and get yo *** killed ask t.i. he kno how we get down