Young Jeezy - The Godfather Of The Trap

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4:43 PM August 24, 2019 MRDBO314 said:

Jeezy the TRUTH
6:00 AM July 22, 2014 bige96 via Mobile:

Jeezy a real nigga who ever got love for him I **** with u cte dis **** aint never gne stop (I DO THIS ****) JEEZY VOICE
4:41 PM November 25, 2012 Mr103rocky said:

8732 cte or nothin
10:14 PM July 15, 2012 YungMoney2 via Mobile:

For all the niggaz that ****z wit jeezy, I ****z wit ya . CTE FOR YOU OTHER LAME NIGGAZ
2:37 PM October 17, 2011 LOWSA said:

Jeezy Lame. Gucci Stank his boy Jeezy got noting on that GUCCI BrickSquadMonopoly NiggA
7:55 AM June 21, 2011 kenny111 said:

gucci aint gt nthing on jeezy
7:49 AM June 21, 2011 kenny111 said:

straight fire
11:01 PM February 25, 2011 hitrun12 said:

TAt my nigga CTE go hard or go home Jeezy all day

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