Grand Hustle & CTE - Clash Of The Titans 2

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8:31 PM January 19, 2019 shaundafosterboy via iOS App:

8:21 AM September 11, 2016 Kingstaystrapped via iOS App:

7:19 AM December 24, 2010 DramaDaGod said:

1st Ov all i ****s wit ATL but im from NY home of the greatest NY are legends and back n da 90's it was NY vs CA not ATL so stfu and swallow u country fag
10:55 AM October 13, 2009 cakedup said:

if u aint from the A u better get yo ****ing weight up **** yall ****ing up north niggas aint getting no money broke *** niggas p.s we run **** 74 till the world blow
11:33 AM September 11, 2009 kovonski said:

Im tired of yall **** niggas hatin on tha SOUTH get a life and some money broke *** nigga TWAN B said that Money over here get u some LOL
12:57 PM May 19, 2009 reggiesworld84 said:

4:32 PM April 7, 2009 nml_92 said:

KIRKWOOD MY POTNA DEM rich kids we dont fuk wit dem
10:33 AM March 30, 2009 ctjohnson said:

And who the **** is good thats from detroit? eminem and ****ing Obie was yall last hope so please dont bring that **** over here lol stick to jacking ***** niggas chains