Down South Slangin 56.5

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1:34 PM December 18, 2012 rellyd36 said:

puttin on for da city!!!!! geechie boy for life!!!
2:43 PM August 29, 2012 bonk521 said:

Shelly B is still ILL!!
9:52 AM June 24, 2011 thuglife843 said:

pachino dino is a snitch! this nigga is in pc while his ***** *** is locked down on leads ave. **** that nigga
6:19 PM January 26, 2010 HollywoodCorleone said:

Brandon D? dat nigga garbage I know way better nigga from greensboro
5:37 PM August 13, 2009 pergatory said:

wah **** 50 cent his lil ***** raggety azz yall wak azzz whu da fuk go round talkin bou gggg- unit ...... no fukin body get rite nigga
10:18 AM June 17, 2009 pergatory said:

listen up pachino dino goin wrld wide june 23rd on the new mixtape hustlin and head bussin so evry body get wrd peace 17 south4life
11:55 AM March 26, 2009 drefamlay843 said:

DIS **** GO HAM. WURD U-Kno but Juice man cant rap my nig
12:30 PM March 22, 2009 Zelle said:

Chuck Town on the map nigga!!!!!