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The Fabolous Life (Disc 2)

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Uploaded 03/18/2009
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11:47 AM June 1, 2011 kidvenom20 said:

C^ra6 killa u G^oTzz no lif3 my G^ $huT ThaT $lo66in $hiT down
2:04 AM January 22, 2011 chris_great_23 said:

lmao @ brooklynmellymel, dis nigga trynna stack on livemixtapes wtf lmao lol
8:41 PM November 13, 2010 nukk97 said:

11:01 PM May 25, 2010 brooklynmellymel said:

dis tell yal dat fab go way back wit the collabs
9:04 PM March 26, 2009 Authentik said:

only he knos,. take that **** 2 the block homie if u a real g, dont nobody care on livemixtapes
8:50 PM March 25, 2009 BkKig said:

Wat is the ******* under me talkin about LMAO!!!
9:45 PM March 22, 2009 ckrab_killa said:

fxKU^cxK ALL ThxKAT fxKAK3xK $TrxK3xK3xKT cXK^rxKA^BB $hxK!T !T$ B^XUT ThxK!$ W3xK$T$!D3xK B^XMP^TXN P!rU B^LXXD 6xKAN6xK B.O.G L!L WOO $U-WOO
6:11 PM March 21, 2009 LGuttah said:

both of these are classic mixtapes. I ain't realize how many joints Fab. laced over the years.