Young Buck & The Future - Back For The Streets

The Future is here! The Future presents you with 11 tracks entirely composed by him featuring Cashvilles own Young Buck with music that was intended to be strictly for the streets. If anyone needs production by the future you can reach him at Look out for the new mixtape with Young Buck with DJ Scream And DJ Smallz coming soon.
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1:53 PM July 6, 2017 frenchmontanas said:

lol this malik****** don't know **** about rap music
12:39 PM July 29, 2015 1983Mojica via Mobile:

Kill me nigga HARD
12:47 PM November 28, 2013 prich said:

@Malikt1 you a fag, how you **** wit a nigga tht call himself a pretty *****? 615 all day nigga
9:24 PM August 13, 2013 LafayetteYette said:

This tape is slept on.
6:44 PM April 30, 2013 malikt1 said:

Young Buck Suck He Worst Than Lil B
4:19 PM June 9, 2012 mrglennsirr said:

dis **** old tho .....pep LIVE LOYAL DIE RICH!!!!!!!!!!
4:19 PM June 9, 2012 mrglennsirr said:

**** 50 n that gangstagrillz i aint [pep game cuz i dont give a **** free buck !!!!!!!!!!
12:25 PM May 31, 2012 KushNGrapeCigz said:

Kill Me A Nigga..... H.A.R.D.A.S.F.U.C.K.