B.Rossi - The Grocery List

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6:39 PM November 6, 2011 BiggDofCSE said:

@050thugz Funny Part Is His **** Better Then Boo Lmao My Nigga B.Rossi The **** Tho
3:42 PM April 6, 2011 Kibibi519 said:

how he gone still a name that is his dude smh thats his gov'ment name mane!
12:55 PM February 23, 2011 050thugz said:

**** Dis Nigga Took Name Heavy Of Boo Rossini CTE!!!
9:16 AM December 18, 2009 twista18 said:

damn this dude is tight i dig it
4:32 AM July 28, 2009 100PROOFONLINE said:

A beast! GOing to be a force in the game! Fire mixtape!!
11:52 AM May 20, 2009 Gucci_Money said:

this dude actually spittin fire... kinda sound like lil wayne if lil wayne was a lyricist... but he aint so dis dude actually on top OF WAYNE. lil wayne a ***** *** rock n roll sell out kinda nigga
12:38 PM April 27, 2009 GunJokki said:

and yea so what if he fat hip hop isnt about image its about music datz why theres so many weak niggas in the game now, cuzz of their image for example "Yung Berg, Flo-Rida, stanky leg boys
12:31 PM April 27, 2009 GunJokki said:

dis nigga is nice, im kinda excited for vol. 2 and mowtownking just he aint "servin babies" or flippin 36 O's doesnt mean he killin hip hop i swear ignorant people deez days