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5:32 PM June 1, 2016 Avokid via iOS App:

I listen to this mf all the time game was my favorite rapper back Den
2:46 AM August 12, 2011 mikey42 said:

Track 4 all day!
3:33 PM July 20, 2011 zooyork51 said:

iceberg you must be ****in retarded to think chamillionaire is one of the best rapper.
3:28 PM February 13, 2011 GUNER310 said:

6:52 PM January 26, 2011 warren951 said:

chamillionaire been that lame duck. n1gga got Zeeroflow. game cold bruhh
4:42 AM December 14, 2010 iceberggrebeci said:

I agree with wolfmann16. Chamillionaire is one of the best rappers out now & they didn't even recognize him on his own song. That's B.S.
11:07 AM November 13, 2010 Burger410187 said:

..........wheres the dumpster
12:04 AM April 10, 2010 YungDevious said:

#6 BK? WTF? datz disrespectful

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