Yo Gotti - Cocaine Cowboy

DJs: Unknown
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2:45 PM March 30, 2015 daville1 via Mobile:

#7 my ish. I had to bang that classic n the whip
10:20 PM January 1, 2015 KuntriKarta via Mobile:

**** all da extra ish Gotti is real spit!!!!
10:53 AM October 17, 2012 byrant_dotson via Mobile:

Real nigga point blank period........
12:59 PM September 18, 2012 ehamher said:

Most of yall niggaz aint from the streets so you aint even gone understand half the **** my nigga talkin about its all real life Gotti, Bossie, Jeezy, Gucci, and T.I.P. starting 5
6:39 PM May 14, 2012 artie1 said:

This **** goes hard
3:56 PM March 8, 2012 OAKCLIFF82 said:

1:16 AM November 17, 2011 mixtapeking601 said:

How you dumb asses gon say this mane aint got no street cred?...wtf?...you dont know that nigga...bet you wouldnt say that **** to his face
4:49 AM June 28, 2011 sotrill97 said:

A who dhiz mane ihz Gotti ranned frayser 24 foo he street foreal aint ghott a reason ta lie ihf nigga waznt hood he wld say he aint hood n styll go hard boi.!