Drop That 63

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10:59 PM June 1, 2009 blazemic said:

papoose killd it handz down
1:16 AM May 18, 2009 daballertyrus1 said:

Kanye Killed It. Wayne Alwayz My Nigga 4sho. Fucc If He Did Switch
11:05 PM May 12, 2009 Jordan5o2 said:

spit in your face went hard til dat on motha ****a got on it dat threw it off bad
1:31 PM May 3, 2009 BangBang05 said:

wayne keep cumin up wit crazy word combos evry time
12:10 AM May 3, 2009 iknowrealmusic21 said:

2:44 AM May 1, 2009 RLF said:

lil wayne is overrated reese28 ur wack for sayin he's a beast i guess to u he's a real blood 2
8:31 PM April 30, 2009 channing01 said:

I like rick ross so forget yall and wayne is good. I DO NOT LIKE JADAKISS
6:37 PM April 29, 2009 muaz said:

50 give it up.u got 2 much paper leave da fake south beach cartel alone joe u trader