Southern Slang 12 (We Are Mixtapes)

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10:30 PM March 6, 2011 kerrip said:

Shyd dha only person i like on dha cover isx Boosie! Free dha realist niqqa pusxy feds
8:41 PM September 9, 2010 quentin090 said:

cover looks like drake cakes 2
2:39 PM July 17, 2009 lolomatthews said:

11:59 AM June 29, 2009 Kenneth009 said:

u got like ****ed i bet wateva mattscott32 meek mill cant see that boy yung fresh
12:32 PM June 12, 2009 ygtgoon said:

that WAT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YGT *****
11:03 AM June 3, 2009 pimpin09 said:

yung fresh and tracy t go 2 hard
9:43 AM June 1, 2009 NumbaOneHusla said:

Rich Kids Be Gettin Off.
11:45 PM May 27, 2009 Tagarelli said:

ya man i must concorr with some ppl on this, this mixtape does have quiet old songs such as numero deux, thus in conculsion i say this mixtape gets a 2/10, and thats the tagarelli report *****es