The Cool Kids - Gone Fishing

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8:31 PM March 7, 2017 dmole07 via Mobile:

highly bumpin. s/o 2010
10:00 PM October 1, 2015 Tekwon said:

Un-listenable thanks to Don Cannon. SMH
12:08 AM June 22, 2015 Hankswank via Mobile:

I've always loved this tape and but DJ cannon is too much with his bull****
3:43 PM August 22, 2013 superslow5 said:

Very elaboarate beats; fresh (mic)checkers, but the flow like chess(complex)...I'm feeling this.
12:40 AM June 11, 2013 JaeTheGreat via Mobile:

mother****ing classic. cant believe the score is this low with all the other bull**** they putting on the front page. #StreetCommittee is the clique
7:06 PM May 23, 2013 dunder via Mobile:

7:06 PM May 23, 2013 dunder via Mobile:

still the best **** ever.. wow
4:52 PM May 16, 2013 Jrob96 via Mobile:

They got cold beats and they lyrics are unique