The Kid Daytona - The Daytona 500

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10:59 PM October 30, 2013 ESTATEWASHERE said:

3:34 PM April 13, 2013 muthafuckinJAY92 said:

i thought this dude was reppin daytona, fl. da 386 then i was like wtf. but i still **** wit him but i wonder why his name is daytona.
he should give a shot out to daytona, deltona.
10:35 PM January 30, 2012 ADay12 said:

Hater never prosper.... Salute the homie Daytona
11:48 PM August 7, 2011 pitchblac said:

**** yall who say this whack you dont know ****
12:07 AM June 8, 2011 davon_630 said:

the niggas who gavr this a negative rating think waka flocka the best rapper out.. ****in ******s
10:37 AM May 15, 2011 wax241 said:

anybody think this wack is a weirdo!
2:01 PM November 25, 2010 beezy9 said:

****in cyber haters
6:58 PM October 11, 2010 willdaBoiiWonder said:

found out my mans is frm my borrough bx n i hate to see a up coming artist have a low rating smh