Raekwon - Blood On Chef's Apron

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7:33 PM March 16, 2013 mikefrsh58 said:

number 14 has Boy Big singing from kansas city,mo Killa City. MFR
10:29 PM April 23, 2010 DGD said:

R.I.P ODB and R.I.P. Guru!
10:29 PM April 23, 2010 DGD said:

My 2nd favorite rapper of all time! This mixtape is absolute fire, especially the joint with Twista, and #16; Jadakiss kills it!
1:29 PM December 24, 2009 mousa187 said:

i ****s wit his letter to big R.I.P B.I.G
12:33 PM December 23, 2009 menace2em said:

Raekwon one of the greatest of all time. No doubt. Great mixtape
1:12 AM September 16, 2009 kennyatta said:

all that bs going on with tha slaughter house &WU jus need jus stop thatz if im late that beauty trackk is magical capone need to be up there so he can body
6:41 PM September 15, 2009 kennyatta said:

9:57 AM September 14, 2009 spadez said:

Rae and dem Wu Tang niggaz is da greatest group eva no question... Every dude outta dat crew could spit RIP ODB...