Styles P - D-Block Origins

DJs: DJ Hitz
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3:29 PM August 20, 2010 riteaid420 said:

Pure ****in ny **** rite here my niggaz reppin fo bx up in here nikkaz
8:09 PM August 14, 2009 beserfpd said:

track" trill is gone is a classic' sstraight hip hop **** all day
2:24 AM August 2, 2009 Pookey said:

North Got Lyrics South Got Beats Put THem Together wut the fuk do u got
8:18 PM July 14, 2009 stayflybry said:

ny owns all of u down south niggas yall dont kno wat rap is **** wat u heard bx ^^^^
3:28 PM July 7, 2009 JWise69 said:

who ever said they are not good have no wisdom or understanding about what this life is about
7:48 AM June 18, 2009 deejay99 said:

sound like some real Niggers arguing about who's better north or south , east or west - Niggers still can't get past the Willie Lynch divide and conquer sad..
11:17 PM May 27, 2009 Royceman87 said:

i agree with the yankee - completely diff styles, flows n ****. You gotta admit up here in NYC n Boston has got the best lyrics around, but the south doin they own thing
10:20 AM May 25, 2009 YankeeNative said:

yall some clowns out here for does comparing the south with the north to different styles an flow but the north got the lyrics specially New York **** buffers