Joell Ortiz - Covers The Classics

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3:37 PM July 21, 2010 richtharipp said:

southern beats get you hype but im from NY and i still like North or East coast rap is betta then south expecially wen u chillen or W/E
6:43 PM February 5, 2010 rice9739 said:

im from memphis . and i would be the first to say that the south killed hip hop. but southern beats are better than up north or east
11:54 PM February 4, 2010 kinfolk295 said:

homie killin it so stop the negative **** jus respect real hip hop when u see it and check J.COLE his mixtape warm up is a must have (if u aint already got it)
1:02 PM September 28, 2009 chynonyn said:

ayo ortiz killed this one...he's the best lyricist next to joe budden...down south rappers are garbage all they talk about is money, jewls, hoes and drugs all made up **** wanna be gangsters..
8:47 AM August 4, 2009 Weezum said:

Joell Killed This Mixtape
2:26 PM July 30, 2009 timtim704 said:

yea dats wats up pops tellem south haters
3:35 AM July 14, 2009 skrecords37 said:

to all ya'll hating up north niggas there is real rappers in the south there is real hiphop in the south but that mess you see on tv or here on the radio ain't all the south got to offer
11:59 AM July 6, 2009 hood24 said: