Tony Yayo - The Swine Flu

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6:40 AM February 24, 2013 diamondbiscutz said:

50 is the face does the commercial ****. Lloyd banks handles the mix tapes. Keeps the street and hood dudes happy. Yayo ummm yeah idk what you can do. Maybe be a silent partner?
11:12 PM February 13, 2013 cno2828 said:

2:09 PM August 15, 2012 Javito said:

I don't even want to listen this Yayo ****
7:34 AM August 2, 2012 waveaveli said:

This is 4 tha real, only a few left. The rest of u throw on ur snap backs & skinnies!
12:39 AM July 10, 2012 G10 said:

dude got an -546 whut thee hell thats sumthin new
1:37 AM March 16, 2012 bigred58heh said:

Why does he have a baby in his hands?
1:54 AM January 4, 2012 Z3_kingeast said:

I'm haten dis because first of all just look at the picture dis **** look dumb and swin flu really my grandfather died because of the swin flu and plus 50 and yayo lame as hell
5:19 AM September 15, 2011 frenchmontanas said:

why so much hate this ain't lil b fags listen to it and stop hating on a playa