N.Y. Trafficking (Special Edition)

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11:14 PM October 21, 2013 jeovan said:

fuc all who hate nyc
6:39 AM July 26, 2009 brilliant_bro said:

Yall niggas is stupid. Its just a ****in mixtape.
5:44 AM June 29, 2009 bigchriswms1 said:

fuc this **** N.Y. been kickin the same lame *** **** since 91 then cry when nobody buys there played out cd's
8:19 PM June 20, 2009 Ea5t5ide031 said:

Nigga **** Tha 5outh Nigga5 Kant Kompare Eva Nigga5 Kant Make A TraCK Without Puttin A Gay DFance 2 It NY NY Where They Fathered The Dream
10:33 PM June 18, 2009 deuce02 said:

Cam and jada killed it! the last real mcs outta ny
10:32 PM June 18, 2009 deuce02 said:

At least the souf keep it real w/o the punch lines! Dont b scared of dem country boyz!
4:00 PM June 18, 2009 hellboy000 said:

it's easy to pull the trigger but it's way more harder to go to the funeral and pour liquor
3:55 PM June 18, 2009 fatherg420 said:

ny ny we started it all...french montana holla