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Wale & 9th Wonder - Back To The Feature

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Uploaded 06/20/2009
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7:29 PM February 26, 2016 Bahrbeeb via Mobile:

Fresh breath on 14&22 im a gemlogist still hunting jewels.
4:33 AM October 25, 2015 fistful said:

beans snapped on that track
12:59 PM April 26, 2013 can0fbliss via Mobile:

Raw as ****. Best Mixtape ever. This is putting his other mixtapes to shame.
2:37 AM February 14, 2013 coolcutter84 said:

Man I never knew this tape exsisted easy to say I guess this is why he has a fan base. Wale and 9th wonder is like wow.
10:34 PM January 17, 2013 ADAR1US said:

Better than More About Nothing and Ambition combined
8:38 PM December 19, 2012 paulasworld said:

Greatest Wale Tape EVER!! real talk
1:23 PM October 30, 2012 lukiepookie said:

wale is sooooooo underated
7:02 PM October 17, 2012 sillylittleorphan said:

Right when I heard the sample and drums of "Wonder Why" I just had to download this mixtape!