Jae Millz - Zone Out Season 2

DJs: Big Mike
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5:35 PM February 19, 2012 flipz said:

millz is a beast!!!!! all he gets is hate
7:16 PM September 19, 2011 Eclipse1212 via Mobile:

He a blood?
10:52 AM May 2, 2011 templeone said:

Millz And Cory Gunz are taking Young money to the next level,NEW YORK ALL DAY!!!
12:48 AM March 2, 2011 juicy26 said:

millz i am more then a # 1 fan keep it going baby because there is only one jae millz
9:08 PM February 19, 2011 YungMackCTE said:

@lemonhead7 and this nigga been killin **** for ten years and all he gets is hate.....yu need to find sum to do wit YOUR self!!!
12:16 PM January 24, 2011 KingPospisexi11 said:

Computer Thug is the ****! im so sick of havin ta read through all these cap locked idiots yellin and mispellin' on all that gangsta bull****.
11:04 PM December 21, 2010 rickydisme said:

hes raw he need an album though
7:19 PM December 19, 2010 lemonhead7 said:

This nigga been rapping for like ten years, and all we get is mixtapes......Quit wasting your time, find something else to do with your self