Cory Gunz - Heir To The Throne

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1:57 PM February 25, 2014 backlash282 said:

hardest tape by cory by far he is so underrated
11:56 PM November 4, 2013 t_r_j said:

This is cool he should have achieved a lot more by now he needs to stick to really making sick lyrical tracks instead of the bs he's been doing on his last two cds
2:57 PM July 16, 2013 HillyOne said:

1:59 PM April 18, 2013 BMF_Chaseowewest said:

possibly Gunz best body of work
10:03 AM January 20, 2013 Daileyisboss312 said:

This tape deserves a higher score for real!! smh
10:37 PM November 24, 2012 02Eleven said:

10:20 AM March 15, 2012 kmfb13 said:

niggas to busy ****in wit future and gucci wack asses
9:23 PM December 30, 2011 hero47 said: