Crooked I - Westside Slaughterhouse

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11:52 PM July 10, 2010 kavy said:

this nigga been round where yall been
7:33 PM May 5, 2010 kosofocus said:

yo cuz is hard as hell never heard em b4 but dude can spit somebody new 2 bang in da ride
6:27 PM April 22, 2010 PR_KENN said:

That 3rd Degree Track HOT!!
Scram Jones !, Nino Bless!, Saigon!! killa mc's
3:04 AM September 26, 2009 psykesconi said:

Big up to Cali Hip Hop.I Love it.I was raised on East Coast and West Coast.It good to here the West again.Snoop Sold His soul along with Dr Dre aka Dr.Drag.Southwest Detroit is in the *****
1:20 AM September 16, 2009 Fighter8324 said:

im from east coast tothe nigga can rap stop being region haterz...
7:32 PM August 24, 2009 foilchewer said:

crooked's been killin it for years
8:27 PM August 21, 2009 THEmunky7 said:

this **** made me slap my momma. god dam fire
9:48 AM August 20, 2009 tdotson89 said:

eyy dis nigga nice i nva heard his musik b4