2Pac - Immortal

DJs: Unknown
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1:48 PM September 10, 2018 loosec via Mobile:

Niggas still comparing big n Pac. Ain't no comparison. They both the shyt. The media is a mf
5:16 PM August 22, 2017 liltravzoom via Android App:

ballad of a dead soulija
11:13 PM June 28, 2017 aaronanderson via Mobile:

11:43 AM September 15, 2016 manny713 said:

Cant believe its been 20 years since he passed away! Hip-Hop would be in a better place if he was still here...
4:07 AM August 31, 2016 ypool43 said:

#4 Ambitions as a fighter. Classic, baddest beats in any hood. Respect+++.
7:50 PM April 22, 2015 vulchagettinit via Mobile:

3:49 AM February 19, 2015 ypool43 said:

Legend, Gangsta Thug.
9:44 PM September 1, 2013 damero via Mobile:

Wow I wish i cld contact the dj of this mxtp I wld love to buy any makaveli 1-7 mxtps mines were stolen but its cool thanx for the mxtp