Papoose - Military Grind

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8:52 AM December 31, 2018 Ohiorichkid via Android App:

11:06 PM June 26, 2013 Peezy916 via Mobile:

This whole mixtape dope...specially that will to survive track....listen to his breathing dam...haha
1:31 AM November 29, 2012 Michaelyoung via Mobile:

Papoose can rap hands down
2:29 AM September 16, 2012 CarolinaBoii15 said:

yall should listen to big k.r.i.t too
3:48 AM June 10, 2012 justinmoss1996 said:

Mayne I wish there were more rappers like him in da south. The only rapper down here that is real & lyrical is Chamillionaire, and maybe some other Texas rappers
11:07 PM October 21, 2011 tra_l said:

i just wish diss nigga voice wont so gruff! too gangsta, it would make it easier to listen to though haha
4:55 PM December 17, 2010 lilironkid said:

Papoose Is hard add me on Facebook Tiiny Dot S
5:34 PM December 9, 2010 swiitcho said:

Fuk dat dude cameo he is a lil wayne fan dats why