Pitbull - Shittin On The Industry (Rebelution Collectors Edition)

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10:35 AM April 3, 2011 5starsup said:

1:07 AM October 3, 2010 2011pacman said:

meet me at the hotel room is the **** patna
5:49 PM June 5, 2010 onesick68 said:

lol yoits matts hatting on geggaeton but hes probbally doing the jerk dance ha fuk all dez new rappers doing gay *** dances...dey cant spit worth ****
2:54 PM April 19, 2010 j_fr3sh said:

to all of you **** you gucci can suck my big mexican **** and this is not reggaeton get your music rite dumb ****s
8:00 PM December 6, 2009 crazykid3024 said:

what beat is that for song number 24
2:48 PM September 4, 2009 dsnt_exsist said:

Pitbull needs to **** off already. He ****in sucks I hate him. Gucci all day every day *****. 416 647
1:45 PM September 3, 2009 jorgeonee7 said:

blog gangsters dont know **** lol
pitbull been doing it que bollaaaaaaaaa
305 im out here in peru they bumpin u hard
12:48 PM August 29, 2009 yoitsmatt said:

yo i got a revolution for u, all yall damn spicks bumpin that raggaeton **** how about a song wif a different ****in beat? ****s all got the same trash bump. yo **** raggaeton