America's Most Wanted

DJs: Unknown
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3:01 PM December 9, 2011 calories_r4eva said:

why did pleasure p only get one track on the mixtape?
12:42 PM February 24, 2010 luislps63 said:

this a good mixtape wtf is wit that score?
10:24 AM February 18, 2010 Pezzy11 said:

Liljrizzo is you smokin cow ***** nigga gucci cant **** wit jezzy he ill. Gucci sound like ****in retard yaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!
3:48 AM September 25, 2009 DROG89 said:

gucci a beast with the mixtapes
5:58 PM September 13, 2009 Liljrizzo said:

gucci wack jeezy hard point blank
yall need to hop off dat tar lippd ***** *** nigga gucci
10:26 PM September 5, 2009 lilran23 said:

jeezy aint near ****in wit gucci shut dat **** up
1:15 AM September 4, 2009 nicksabitch said:

this foos were in the mil last nightt aye!
6:25 PM September 3, 2009 yungmerc15 said:

shut up.. gucci tight but he aint fckn w/ jeezy.. bottom line.. and 0mg soulboi is so weak lol..