Tum Tum - Tumthousand 9 (The Grassy Knoll)

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2:51 PM April 20, 2011 Aaronboy said:

7:31 PM November 10, 2009 armando70 said:

when you use somebodies beat its called sampling dumbass!
1:28 AM October 13, 2009 demeryl said:

TUM TUM stole that zillaman track from master p (the ice cream man ) Same Lyrics and everything TUM TUM Garbage
1:33 AM October 2, 2009 718Kidd said:

how this nigg gettin a higher score than kiss n styles ya niggz is buggin if ya think he betta than kiss r styles........ **** wat ya heard
4:01 PM September 14, 2009 partywild247 said:

killed all this ****... reppin NC all day
12:02 AM September 13, 2009 Bosco88 said:

lyrics are ****ty
1:57 PM September 12, 2009 mszfefe said:

c bolls any nigga hating on tum tum suck three ****s and die ***** im from jackson texas go hard dsr fa life
4:53 AM September 12, 2009 sandmanmother1 said:

just str& going stupid hard