Good Talk Radio Vol. 8 (Hosted By Devin The Dude)

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12:41 AM May 13, 2014 ajfeli904 said:

12:36 AM November 16, 2011 Seahawk21 said:

@Binmadding you cant forget that nigga DZA. George Kush go harder than a motha ****a.
1:11 PM September 17, 2011 crunkpopeye said:

yall aint high
11:46 AM December 17, 2010 KingPospisexi11 said:

Binmadding Crawl out from unda ya rock, smoke dza is raw
Continental Kush Breakfast is a killah
and Nipsey hussle has BEEN around
7:34 PM March 24, 2010 RONNELL103 said:

Devin is my nigga!!!!
2:31 PM January 1, 2010 hoodhomier3 said:

Coby Supreme
8:06 AM September 5, 2009 jbanks2087 said:

wrong, nipsey hustle, lloyd banks. step your rap game up
6:05 PM September 3, 2009 Binmadding said:

Devin the dude is the only nigga on dis mixtape dat n e body kno, er one else is no name niggas!