Grafh - Bring The Goons Out

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10:09 PM March 13, 2013 kahrig23 said:

hahaha talkin plies is harder that nigga be rappin bout his brothers life... he fake as **** jus listin to dat nigga talk in real life he sound like a snobby rich white boy
7:01 PM April 13, 2011 sonofchickdusty said:

3:38 PM January 11, 2011 thatsmebitch25 said:

niggas... im from FLA and Plies would get his **** ate tha **** up by this nigga. Plies is lame...
1:37 AM November 20, 2009 Verse said:

lmao @ the dumb niggas sayin' Plies is nicer than Grafh....I ain't with the stereotypes, or ****tin' on the south, but you gotta be a dumb nigga sayin' that ****.....
12:25 PM October 13, 2009 Da_Big_BOS said:

grafh str8 i wanna hear more from this dude tho
9:55 AM October 2, 2009 rzurita said:

Drake sounds like grafh
1:06 AM September 12, 2009 dizzydadon said:

this nigga suck a wannabe plies be on the look out fo that mixtape what them lames aint gone tell ya by that nigga lil red
3:33 AM September 9, 2009 jslice252 said:

thizz nigga suck.. Pliez is way harder.. if u like diz nigga den go kill ya selff.