How To Be An MC 61

DJs: J. Armz
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4:01 AM July 5, 2011 3gangstaz said:

dat yung dru is fuccin stupid tightt my niggazz dis **** getss liv3
2:12 PM May 18, 2011 chasestacks said:

that young dru joint is a vybe beat.. smooth off soundclick.
12:23 PM September 29, 2010 pompanoslim said:

whatever niggaz people just hateing cause the south iz shineing now
3:35 PM October 13, 2009 Ea5t5ide031 said:

5hit i5 whaCK mo5t of it i5 terrib^le 5outh b^eat5 ****in lame
4:36 PM September 19, 2009 lil_lofton said:

Numba 15
11:49 PM September 16, 2009 gottahaveit said:

south stand up errybody else get layed down!!!!
9:28 AM September 14, 2009 fredgeez said:

up nyc to phi
9:12 PM September 9, 2009 g26 said:

Why Cant we all just get along LMAo niggaz is coast bangin if it wasnt for the all parts of the US got good rappers so Ion care Still a NY Nigga till i Rot doe