Willie The Kid - The Fly (Gangsta Grillz)

DJs: DJ Drama
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2:41 AM November 21, 2012 chrismoore247ceo said:

Love the Embassy...
10:11 PM August 7, 2012 indosmoker420 said:

Salma Hayek Flow..........mayne
9:11 PM March 18, 2012 Datnikkawoza1st said:

I aint even mad that willie aint popular. Long as he eatin and he str8 we get that real **** we aint gon get once they go pop
8:35 PM December 22, 2011 IcymikeDaBoss said:

His best mixtape by far
7:36 PM December 21, 2011 MrDoughmobb said:

Im from Michigan and I'd be lying if I said I been up on WTK... This dude is sick!!!
1:46 AM December 8, 2011 sdot83 said:

This nigga is cold as hell!!! **** that bubble gum radio bull****!!!
4:01 PM October 1, 2011 indosmoker420 said:

Salma Hayek Flow-***** tight like the jeans on a hipster. damn i mean.....
3:35 PM July 4, 2011 KingPospisexi11 said:

Underrated...is an Understatement!