Jae Millz - The Virgo Mixtape (He Nasty)

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11:10 AM April 25, 2013 Bluntdippncodeine via Mobile:

This niggaz a beast!! Whole tape goes hard it's a damn shame that the score is that low.
3:08 PM November 21, 2012 voimonigie said:

This score is disrespectful af ! At least 1,230 lol
5:40 PM August 12, 2011 WaveBoi843 said:

The 2nd one is tha best
12:56 PM April 18, 2011 504MAINE said:

wayne got damn near dha best punchlines
12:57 PM April 14, 2011 JavisE1 said:

suprisingly tis mixtape pretty gud jus bad concept names lik pill n a half but i think tis tha onli time ima giv him a +
9:57 AM March 23, 2011 mrybr said:

millz get the *****es
6:25 PM March 13, 2011 kerrip said:

Aha!@frass8ossfuneral are ue serious?. Man ue ah flaw breed!
1:11 PM December 15, 2010 new_money_blood220 said:

i think millz is more lyrical to but wayne on his shyt too??? feel me