Wild Young Heartbreaks (The Noisettes Remixed)

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11:41 PM May 6, 2013 1jinno_suke via Mobile:

One of the best mixtapes ever
9:31 PM June 29, 2011 koky_23jord said:

mick boogie is the dopest dj out there man!!! dont u get it mane!!
7:56 AM May 26, 2011 GETTOVOCAB said:

3:58 PM October 4, 2010 j_joelpadilla said:

wow! Great mixtape!! I like the cover art too. This tape deserves more love and repect!!!
9:12 PM April 7, 2010 iceberggrebeci said:

This is a good mixtape. Even though it has a -9 it's nowhere near Soulja Boy's rating. Soulja Boy's mixtape called Legendary has a -900 rating & getting lower everyday lol. Look it up.
3:17 AM April 4, 2010 pinktrenaty said:

I listen to this EVERYDAYYYY! it's like apart of my routine, im so addicted to this! haha but def hella
5:57 PM February 14, 2010 hebrouss said:

noisettes are favorite indie disco group; this is a fresh spin on their already fresh style
4:27 PM January 7, 2010 eddie_bx said:

Amazing Heartbeat is cool, but it think 24 Winters and Saturday Night Paranoia are better. personal preference i guess GrammyFamily.