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Michael Jackson - He's The King, Im The DJ

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Uploaded 10/26/2009
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4:24 PM June 29, 2012 cutegirlmoore said:

Love ya mj
4:51 PM March 26, 2012 lull_dev_24 said:

play the whole entire song... not 30 seconds to a minute....
9:28 PM September 29, 2011 dajmlinc said:

Great tribute DJ Jazzy Jeff. Michael Jackson was a great musician and he will truly be missed, but his music will live on and on. RIP MJ
8:46 PM September 20, 2011 theonw2 said:

My son found this mixtape for me. He then erased it. It has taken me almost nine weeks to find it..I just can't seem to get enough of this "King." REST IN PEACE MJ
7:26 PM August 23, 2011 MUSICLOVER69 said:

MJ will forever be missed and his music will forever live on. Rest in Peace "The King of Pop". We love you and miss you.
4:04 PM June 8, 2011 unwannunu said:

plz let an MJ song play da way iz suppose 2.......da entire thing. dnt remix it
12:29 AM May 27, 2011 playapimp1307 said:

you don't chop n screw or put a dj on a michael jackson song you let it play the way it was made
1:45 PM May 26, 2011 jmac292010 said:

this **** tight