Lil Flip - King Muzick

DJs: Rapid Ric
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4:38 AM August 21, 2018 Miggidy02 via Mobile:

Flip the KING #OriginalSUC #FreestyleKing
4:55 AM June 27, 2013 oakcliffscrewhead via Mobile:

Good. But if you really listened to Flip then its aight. Listen to Sunny Day wit Shasta, best Flip track, or anythang before Game Over. RIP Screw. Screwed Up Click 4 Life.
11:03 AM March 19, 2013 Buckeye937 via Mobile:

@LILO294 change your name to BIGO294. Cuz its ****in Ohio. Rep right
1:45 AM August 29, 2012 LILO294 said:

man my nigga flip did have some cuts on sett he put on 4 his city , shout out to toledo ohio..........
10:34 PM August 9, 2012 DJSPaul520 said:

Flip Gates
6:53 AM September 9, 2011 KoolaidCrush said:

man wtf happened to this nigga he fell off hard i aint hatin i know flip got skills but dude is irrelevant
2:23 PM July 28, 2011 kenny111 said:

king of muzik heck no straight garbage
6:07 PM July 27, 2011 pkc25 said:

score on this **** is 2 low it should be at 6,000