Avatar Young Blaze - From Russia With Love

DJs: DJ Folk
The Shadow Company & Dj Folk presents Russian native, Avatar Young Blaze with his new mixtape: From Russia With Love which features exclusive production from The Alchemist, Araab Muzik, Ty Fyffe, The Olympicks. www.twitter.com/avyoungblaze www.myspace.com/youngavatar www.theshadowcompanyonline.com

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6:11 PM June 23, 2011 20sickness said:

bringin seattle rap game back, period
11:41 PM April 28, 2011 HungerHan said:

He sounds like Evidence from Dilated Peoples
3:22 AM May 14, 2010 fazebesnappin said:

Dude sick. Period.
4:31 AM May 12, 2010 irep_toronto23 said:

real **** i ****s with this nigga styll he got flo styll n his beats are proper!
1:31 PM April 16, 2010 cbreezy973 said:

he better then alot of well known dudes this dude stuff im going to keep a look out on him dont sleep bro
2:20 PM March 5, 2010 BreonFrazier said:

Dude iz ham on thanksgiving i been on dude he spittin out here but he need to drop some new **** soon yall need to listen to this white nigga named yelawolf dude ham too
3:36 AM February 26, 2010 doobiedan said:

he go tho for gettin on the husalah beat,yall should here the real one!! bay area stand up,fasho for showin luv using out beats! this dude aint that bad either!
3:35 AM February 26, 2010 doobiedan said:

#19 my nigga husalah song came out in 2009 rite when he got out of prison,he made the song in 5 min.,but who is dis nigga lol?