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Bishop Lamont & Indef - Team America

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Uploaded 12/26/2009
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5:04 PM March 2, 2010 macaframa said:

this **** slapz
2:03 PM January 12, 2010 lilmke06 said:

lol they acctually have lyrical talent like instead of bricks and yay they just geekin and rappin bout some bull**** but its creative
10:24 PM January 7, 2010 boyboy707 said:

when i said the south i was talkin bout yungwaka's comment.
10:20 PM January 7, 2010 boyboy707 said:

rlf bishop is from the west i was talkin bout stat quo. my bad il be sure to mention names next time incase yall aint up on whos who. o an 707 is the west coast homie. northbay. bay area all day.
1:11 PM January 7, 2010 williedakid21 said:

wtf this nigga jus said y da **** cant i marry ma cuzin i love da lil girl theys a ****in freakzzz yo ****j dem niggas u betta hope u neva come cross me
2:19 PM January 6, 2010 brudaddy said:
6:12 PM January 3, 2010 wheredabardy08 said:

**** THE SOUTH, yall niggas weak everybody spit bout same **** n it all sounds the same,i give em ups cuz they payed but ats bout all
6:07 PM January 3, 2010 wheredabardy08 said:

yall niggas crzy this is actually creative,this **** killin 99% of the **** out yo, tired of hearin niggas pop bottles got a car 4 everyday,u know tht bull**** times is 2 hard 2 hear bout tht ****