Lil Wayne - No Ceilings (CDQ)

Shout out to MixFeed for this CD Quality Rip @ 320 Kbps. As you can see the CD's shipped out came with a different cover then this mixtape was released with. Shout out to Young Money, Cash Money. Please visit their new website

no ceilings back cover

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8:18 PM November 25, 2018 lopez5462 via iOS App:

Follow @weezyseason on Instagram. It’s a dope lil Wayne page.
7:47 AM January 12, 2018 tyrek123 via Mobile:

still here in 18
7:59 PM May 17, 2016 ski603bum said:

Its CD quality....over the years mp3's have gotten better and these tracks are 320kbps...basically if you have a decent system you will notice the difference then a digital mp3 dwnl like the other is. Deff go with this rip!!
4:34 PM January 20, 2016 gsteven811 via iOS App:

The quality sounds better in cdq
11:48 PM November 26, 2015 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

Wayne what happened to you. This is the Wayne I know. Part 2 was just.... Wow... "Lord What happened to Wayne...."
10:49 PM November 7, 2015 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

Can't wait for part 2
11:22 AM November 7, 2015 tdbaldwin1998 via iOS App:

What's the difference between the CDQ version and the other ?
12:12 PM November 1, 2015 919NWA via Mobile:

Part 2 Coming Soon!